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The Ojai Valley Democratic Club to host new Sierra Club-endorsed Congressman Carbajal April 24

The Ojai Valley Democratic Club will host an environmental champion, Congressman Salud Carbajal of Santa Barbara, on Sunday, April 24 from 3 to 5 pm at the home of Dulaine and Doug LaBarre at 206 S. Blanche St. in downtown Ojai. Doors will open at 2:30 pm. The event is free and open to the public. The Club will provide beverages and a light meal. “We were thrilled to read the enthusiastic endorsement of Congressman Carbajal in the latest newsletter of the Los Padres Chapter of the Sierra Club,” stated Club President Jeffrey Starkweather. The Sierra Club said Rep. Carbajal “understands the urgency of the climate crisis” and highlighted his record as a member of the Climate Solutions Caucus and the Climate and Environmental Justice Congressional Task Force. The endorsement noted, “He introduced several bills to help local communities improve the resiliency and adaptability of their water-related infrastructure and encourage renewable energy ...” and “he has championed efforts to strengthen water resiliency…and designate the Los Padres… as protected wilderness.” “We are especially pleased that Congressman Carbajal sees the need to combine climate solutions with social justice,” Starkweather said. “This is what we believe most residents of our valley desire, so all residents and future generations can equally enjoy its beauty and outdoor treasures.” The Ojai Valley and the City of Ventura were added to Carbajal’s 24th congressional district which also includes all of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. The Ojai Valley was previously represented by Congresswoman Julia Brownley, whose 26th Congressional district now covers the remainder of Ventura County, including Upper Ojai. Brownley is also endorsed by the Sierra Club and both Congressional representatives are endorsed by the Ojai Valley Democratic Club. The June 7 Primary will be the first time Carbajal will face the voters of the Ojai Valley and this is his first campaign visit to the Ojai Valley. Carbajal’s campaign website is; his Congressional website is See for updates. Press contact: Jeffrey Starkweather, 919-417-0969, See full Sierra Club endorsement of Carbajal and Brownley below. Salud Carbajal, Sierra Club endorsement: Rep. Salud Carbajal has proven his commitment to the environment and has earned our unconditional support for reelection. He understands the importance that environmental preservation and energy efficiency has for the Central Coast, an area that is already suffering climate change impacts like wildfires and drought. In 2019 Carbajal made great strides to end offshore oil drilling. His California Clean Coast Act bans future drilling off California’s coast and passed the House with bipartisan support. He believes it is imperative that we continue to protect our coast and oceans from the possibility of another oil spill in the future. Working in a bipartisan support manner, he introduced several bills to help local communities improve the resiliency and adaptability of their water-related infrastructure and encourage renewable energy business development. Carbajal understands the urgency of the climate crisis. He has championed efforts to strengthen water resiliency, study ocean acidification and designate Los Padres and Carrizo as protected wilderness, so future generations can enjoy their beauty. He is a member of the Climate Solutions Caucus, the Climate and Environmental Justice Congressional Taskforce, Congressional Oceans Caucus, Outdoor Recreation Caucus and Congressional Shellfish Caucus, all groups that share the common aim of conservation. Julia Brownley, Sierra Club endorsement: We urge you to support Rep. Julia Brownley for Congressional District 26, which is among the most competitive battleground in the county. She faces a wave of SuperPAC funding by the pollution lobby. Rep. Brownley has worked alongside Los Padres activists on many issues, and her environmental voting record has been among the best in Congress, as it has been when she served in the California legislature. Protecting our coast and open space are among Julia’s top priorities. Working with Los Padres leaders, she has helped lead the fight to stop the LNG installation offshore and to stop the construction of the Oxnard electricity peaking plant onshore. She has pushed to increase funding in the NASA budget for a comprehensive cleanup of the Santa Susana Field Lab, which was home to multiple partial nuclear meltdowns, and has been polluted by a stew of heavy metals, PCDs and other toxic chemicals. Julia is a co-sponsor of the Artic Wilderness Act, the Coastal State Climate Change Planning Act, and the Public Lands Renewable Energy Development, among many others. She has battled to prevent drilling off the coast, advocated for rebates and other economic incentives to encourage the use of renewable energy sources, and worked to protect the purity of drinking water.
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